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Typically, it takes 4 to 6 months for a bridesmaid dress to arrive. It is important to allow at least 6 months for them to arrive due to the pandemic.  

It is also important to know where your dresses are coming from and when they will arrive. 

All Things Bridal has designers that are reputable and that we have relationships with for many years.

We are confident that your order will arrive in time and will be exactly what you ordered!


Bridesmaid Loaner Program

This is unique way for you to shop for your bridesmaid dresses that is easy and fun! You will have a consultant with every step of the way. 

Step One:

We will provide you with a list of bridesmaid designers that we offer. Go to their websites, choose dresses that you like from any of the collections. Keep in mind the color that you want when looking for dress styles.

Email your list to

Step Two:

We do not have every style that the designer has in their collection.  After we have received your list, we will go through it and compare it to the dresses that we have in our collection and make some suggestions for you based on the dresses you are considering.

Step Three:

Together we will help you narrow down your selection to up to 10 possible choices.  You will send those images to your bridesmaids.  Together with your bridesmaids you will narrow it down 5 dresses that you and your bridesmaids want to consider wearing on your wedding day.

Step Four:

We will prepare these dresses for you to pick up and take home. You can either have a try-on session with your party or take to your bridesmaids to try-on. We will become available to you through video conference to assist you with any questions or fit inquiries you and your bridesmaids may have.

Step Five:

You will let us know what choices you and your party have made. We can reach out to your bridesmaids to discuss their dress choice, color, measurements for sizing, and payment information, or they can reach out to us. We will call you when all of the orders have been placed to verify the information is correct.

  • up to 5 dresses to try on

  • color charts for each designer 

  • tape measure

  • measuring instructions

  • order forms for each bridesmaid

  • day of virtual assist if requested

We will provide you with:  ​

There is a $100 fee required in advance to participate in the Loaner Program.  

This fee will be kept as a credit on your account and can be used towards the purchase of your bridesmaid dresses or mothers' dress or any accessory item in our store.  

This fee is non-refundable if you do not purchase your bridesmaid dresses from All Things Bridal.

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